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Cameras, door and window sensors, smoke and fire alarms, doorbell cameras are a few of the quotable inventions in recent times.

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Our handy guide to the best water detectors features more great products like this.

home security oklahoma city

As discussed above, users may control smart devices in the smart home environment 100 using a network connected computer or portable electronic device 166. In some examples, some or all of the occupants e. g. , individuals who live in the home may register their device 166 with the smart home environment 100. Such registration may be made at a central server to authenticate the occupant and/or the device as being associated with the home and to give permission to the occupant to use the device to control the smart devices in the home. An occupant may use their registered device 166 to remotely control the smart devices of the home, such as when the occupant is at work or on vacation.

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An alarm system extends this to also include fire and smoke detectors.

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